September 1, 2016

Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Animal testing refers to any scientific experiment or test that is carried out on an animal in order to find out a particular phenomenon. At the end of most experiments, animals are usually killed. These experiments include exposing animals to radiation, injecting animals with harmful substances and forcing animals to inhale toxic substances among other tests. Each year, millions of animals undergo torture as a result of the terrible experiments that are conducted on them. Due to the danger that is posed by animal testing, it ought to be banned.


Animal testing should be banned as it is not only harmful to the animals being tested but also human beings. Many drugs that have been approved through animal testing have been found to be dangerous to human beings. This is because animal cells may provide inaccurate information in finding cure to certain cure to health problems. According to research that was conducted by the Food and Drug Administration, over one million Americans are hospitalized each year after suffering more harm from the prescribed therapy. Therefore, the test should be banned since the harm is caused by the unreliable results produced by animal testing.

Animal testing is archaic. In the contemporary world, technology has enabled scientists to developed humane and effective non-animal research techniques (Thompson, 2012). These modern techniques include human-patient stimulators, human-based micro-dosing, and sophisticated computer modelling that are faster, cheaper and produce more accurate results compared to animal tests. Considering that there are ethical alternatives of carrying out experiments, it would be important if animal testing was banned. This would ensure safety to animals as well as pave a way for safer and accurate prescriptions from health practitioners.

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