Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Animal testing refers to any scientific experiment or test that is carried out on an animal in order to find out a particular phenomenon. At the end of most experiments, animals are usually killed. These experiments include exposing animals to radiation, injecting animals with harmful substances and forcing animals to inhale toxic substances among other […]

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Effects of migration

The social, economic and political impacts of migration from developing to developed countries. Globalization has continually enhanced trade, businesses and industrial growth. Similarly, it has widely opened up borders to allow free flow of people, goods and services across territories. Following this development, migration is fast becoming a controversial issue as more people are moving […]

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Organization and people have enjoyed the benefit of information technology in the past 10years.With the introduction of computers, internet and mobile phones people are earning with no struggle. There are multinational organizations that allow their employees to work from home, in the case of sickness of another emergency; by this, the production of the company […]

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