September 2, 2016

The Crusades: Salvation or Exploitation

Initially, evangelic ministries in the form of Christian crusades have been voluntary activities that brought together Christians from different geographical locations. They have been used to act as devotion and enticements to seek remedy for the sins of this world. Historically during the times of holy war, crusades were held by evangelists to spread and teach the word of God with the objective of changing pagans to Christians or non-believers to believing (Riley, 2001). In modern societies, crusades have been used as a channel to exploit naïve members of the society. The essay seeks to discuss how Christians have used crusades to acquire worldly benefits rather than a voluntary activity to call the ‘lost’ to salvation.


The present day evangelists have established the gospel message on own private needs in the society.  They get millions in cash and worldly luxuries by decorating the gospel to suit their benefits through organising globalised money making gatherings in the name of Crusades to exploit unknowing followers in the name of God (Taesoo, 2006). The Christians followers flood these crusades with desperation seeking help to their life challenges with the exaggerated hope of getting to see miracles turn their lives around and they pay for this heavily.

The preachers use the word of God to persuade them into making crazy pledges at the expense of “miracles.” They offer rewards to “men of God” in the name of Godly sacrifices in form priced gifts and all forms of donations. The preachers use the quotes from spiritual books that talk about giving in the name of offering God to get spiritual favours (Taesoo, 2006). The churches that undertake these crusades use these platforms to disseminate fraud in the name of religion by claiming to free their followers from their “mystery.” For instance, most of these evangelists use claims of “anointed oil”, “spiritual water” and other forms of claims that they sell to their followers.

In conclusion, most Christian churches use crusades exploit millions of unknowing and desperate followers for their secular interest of making wealth. They cleverly craft this using the name of God and spiritual quotations.  Therefore, Crusades should not be carried out to attract followers who are desperately seeking Godly help from churches.

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