September 7, 2016

Family planning

Governments have the right to intervene in matters regarding family planning. The government handles the proper running of the country and for this to run smoothly, the government should control the number of children every family is supposed to have. The increase in world population has resulted in many adverse effects. When family planning becomes a major issue in the country, it does affect not only the parents but also the citizens. This is due to the restraint of the resources that will have to be divided among them.Most of the developing countries are facing some problems because of family planning. As a result of the uncontrolled population, poor families are unable to feed the large families they conceive and in the end want the government to intervene. Most of those people who have no idea about family planning are the poor. The government needs to educate such people on the importance of family planning that will in the end benefit both the parents and the state. This method will only be useful to the society so as to learn on the importance of family planning.


The government also has a specified number of people in the nation for it to plan its resources effectively. If the number exceeds that speculated number, it will have to depend on foreign aid.  This would result to the country enhancing more debts from foreign countries. The government can ensure family planning is effective through distributing family planning methods such as contraceptives. These need to be given mostly to the poor people who cannot afford them. The government should start from the community level where this problem is mostly experienced.

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Megan Wallace
September 23, 2016 at 3:23 am

Nice article, totally agree with it! People need to know what they do and understand all responsibility that waits for them. Adults needs to be ready cause it is not so easy as it seems at first glance.


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