September 14, 2016

Fast Food Nation

In the America’s Eastern Front of Colorado, is the prairie province that faces the city appearing to be extremely beautiful and attractive. Gorgeous mount Vista and the Cheyenne is the military stations that house units of the Air Force Space command, the North American Aerospace Command, and the United States Space Command. This region’s topography worried Pentagon officials that the American military may be attacked. This region was inaccessible and operations to open it up commenced with tunnels drilled and about fifteen buildings were put to place (Schlosser E. 2001).

The region about four-and-a-half acres was designed to stay strong even though was hit by an atomic bomb. It was then referred as the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, with accessibility from the tunnels dug in the underground. The next question was how this people living in the Military Stations could get the food to consume. The whole empire of America once fed by the slaves and the local farmers resulted to the creation of fast food restaurants. This grew alarmingly and has transformed the lives of many people, since its growth as there were changes in the American Society (Schlosser E. 2001).


This took place when inflation and the hourly rate in the wage bill shot up in 1973, which declined sometime later forcing the housewives and other feminists to enter the workforce. Carmen Sirianni and Cameron L. MacDonald postulates, the trend continued and the money which initially used to buy foods at homes was then used to cater for meals while at work in restaurants. This was due to little time was spent in the restaurants than cooking at home then back to the job (Schlosser E. 2001).

Jim Hightower in 1970 viewed the fast food industry as the threat to independent businesses when the Giant dominating entities invested in the fast food industry. Since then the fast food businesses have become the central point retailing the foods to people all over the world, with establishments across every street in the major towns and urban centers in America with the same pizza huts and taco bells, Snip N clips across the U.S. (Haugen, Musser, & Schlosser, E. 2013).

These Enterprises have grown successfully due to uniformity and uniqueness in their product and service delivery to their clients. Fast food enterprises to date are the major provider of meals in business districts and institutions. Contrary to increasing customers to the fast food business the workers though not earning much as their business fame. About three million five hundred thousand fast food workers are minimally paid in the US.

Furthermore, the cooking methods employed in fast food are not in the record. This is because the foods prepared currently differ from place to place and culture to culture. Some are known to apply chemicals as appetizers which in turn affect the health of the users greatly. The food colors and industrially manufactured spices are known as the ingredients in the fast foods. The high intake of this may result to liver and spleen related problems and other disorders.

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Jennifer Porter
September 15, 2016 at 3:54 am

Informative statement, thanks! As for me, fast food is unhealthy, but u can eat it if u have no time to cook.


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