August 29, 2016


Organization and people have enjoyed the benefit of information technology in the past 10years.With the introduction of computers, internet and mobile phones people are earning with no struggle. There are multinational organizations that allow their employees to work from home, in the case of sickness of another emergency; by this, the production of the company does not get affected. During the past years working from home and earning real money was close to impossible. So many companies save much money when they use video conferences rather than boarding lodging and traveling for meetings. With this method both the employer and employees benefit since they have time with their families.


The ability of the computer to work has fast had significantly increased as days go by. Computers now handle all the work with a more rapid speed and the ability to provide so many information and storage. Technology information has come with so many reliable information, like working in a hospital have been made easier than before with the computers. It is now very easy to look for information about patient’s record with the introduction of internet and computers. Communication has also seen a massive improvement of mobile phones and the internet. People can now communicate from all parts of the world through phones and social network. There are call centers that work throughout to help their customers and with so many companies working overtime since the arrival of new technology and information.

When it comes to making decision computers has replaced the human minds in clerical work. Machines have now taken the necessary decision in an organization that humans handled. The computers have now more improved software’s that can handle more critical information.

Information technology has changed the working culture and how employers have the advantage in their work. Management in the workplace and the demand for skilled workers with the new technology has made a massive change in modern firms.


Donkey Davis
September 8, 2016 at 3:42 am

Information technologies make our life different. Nowadays, if u are a skilled worker in technologies u will be a great applicant for a good employment.


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