September 12, 2016

Travel and understanding between countries


In this increasingly technological world communication is a most important part of our lives, without communication through our cell phones and laptops, we feel incomplete while travelling. The more the travelling between countries are the chance of understanding and communicate to different parts of the world, whether for knowledge purpose or business purpose both will be helpful to people.


Does travel help to increase understanding between countries?

Travel helps to increase understanding between countries as people come and go, learn different languages, culture, traditions, other countries people ways of living, etc. When people travel, they are also a representative of their country and share their ideas if working in any company or visited any organization via their company. People will able to introduce different kinds of products to the entire world by travelling. In my opinion, yes travel helps to increase understanding between countries (Lee-Ross, 2010).

There are some difficulties with the travellers that they might have a cultural shock and language issues while travelling upon reaching the respective countries, but if people once get to know about the country’s culture, traditions and their way of living, communication will be easier and travelling helps them increasing their confidence towards other countries of the world also. In regards to United Nations (2008), travelling to different countries helps the organizations to introduce their new ideas to other companies in the world and share their ideas and help them to promote their products in the world.

Conclusions and future studies

I can conclusively point out that, yes travel helps to increase understanding between developed countries. This will to help promote your product or share your ideas with them and communicate with them. This will also help underdeveloped countries and share the new technologies in third world countries so that they can be aware of new technologies and people will get aware of their problems and try to resolve them.

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